Can I take your hand in mine?

13th February 2018 Annie Read 0

Can I make your day as golden as the Summer sky? Can I take your hopes and turn them into reasons why the moon hangs like a beacon, to guide our way and delineates passing […]

When I close my eyes

9th February 2018 Annie Read 0

  When you close your eyes, do you see me? Are you driven to thoughts of desire and longing? Do you lie beside me and look into my eyes, only to see into my soul […]

Loves Sweet melody

2nd February 2018 Annie Read 0

I saw you from a distance and at that moment my life changed forever. I couldn’t control it, you seeped into my heart, like the blood that flows through it, keeping my very essence alive […]

The poet.

2nd February 2018 Annie Read 0

Today, from the darkest confines of my room, I write the thoughts that pour from my muddled brain. They form words, but do not flow in ordered patterns, nor make sense to the world that […]

He Plays Me (Poem)

28th January 2018 Annie Read 0

He plays my heart like a flute, every word expressed with such emotion. He reaches into me and seems to know each crevice in my tired soul..I try to hide, afraid that if I let […]

Blindness (Poem)

21st January 2018 Annie Read 0

Are you so blind, you cannot see my heart? Worn so plainly on my dishevelled sleeve, Beating out a heartfelt melody, Singing a harmonious love ballad to thee. Are you so blind, you do not […]

No one asks (Poem)

20th January 2018 Annie Read 0

No one asks about whom you write, what turned to darkness from the light, the aching heart, in turmoil found, emotions scattered on the ground, encrusted feelings as jewels set, dreams lost, hopes not yet […]

The Fire Crackles

19th January 2018 Annie Read 0

The fire crackles in the grate and warms my tired face, All the riches in the world are landed in this place. Sorrows hold can take no more, my heart and troubled mind, Tonight it […]

Whisper (Poem)

17th January 2018 Annie Read 0

The wind it whispers softly in his ear, speaking of dreams he often hoped to have, with gentle words it told of images clear, where life would bring him peace & love so true and […]

What defines a friend

16th January 2018 Annie Read 0

What defines a friend.? A word, a touch, a thought conveyed, a place where crying ceases, where joy and laughter can be made. A moments counsel, a guiding hand, with which we seek to share […]

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