Be still all sea waters (poem)

10th January 2018 Annie Read 1

Silence the waves of the ocean, bring its noise to a halt, take the flight of the seagulls, remove the taste of the salt. Let them build no more castles, smudge that line in the […]

Common Purpose Communist Corruption

5th March 2017 Simon Robertson 1

  The planned destruction of The UK’s Public sector and infrastructure: Common Purpose Communist Corruption: Part 1. What is Common Purpose? On the surface, Common Purpose is an educational charity which does leadership and networking […]

Marriage at first sight

20th October 2016 emmy hikins 0

When I think of marriage at first sight there are a few things that comes to mind and if I go on listing them we’ll be here all day like literally. However without boring you […]

Long Distance relationship

19th October 2016 Patricia Bergwerff 0

What if you’re unlucky in love for years. And suddenly your great love again encounter who ever in your younger years was your first love? You’re surprised to see each other again after 25 years, […]

Where are the remaining Chibok Girls?

16th October 2016 emmy hikins 0

Boko Haram’s release of captured Chibok girls was a welcome news both by the Nigerians and the international campaign team who were pivotal to the release. However there was more questions than answers in relation […]

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