The poet.

2nd February 2018 Annie Read 0

Today, from the darkest confines of my room, I write the thoughts that pour from my muddled brain. They form words, but do not flow in ordered patterns, nor make sense to the world that […]

Ebony Louis and Judy Vu

28th January 2018 emmy hikins 0

The Laundry Room Podcast is hosted by the vibrant duo, Ebony Louis and Judy Vu.  Their camaraderie is more than raucous good times and ridiculous adventures.  They have a mutual burning desire to improve lives, […]

He Plays Me (Poem)

28th January 2018 Annie Read 0

He plays my heart like a flute, every word expressed with such emotion. He reaches into me and seems to know each crevice in my tired soul..I try to hide, afraid that if I let […]

A girl ascends red carpeted stair

14th January 2018 Annie Read 0

  A girl ascends red-carpeted stair and as she wanders, she repeats over and over, ‘Let tonight be silence kept, no battles fought or tears wept’ thus, to bed she goes. Momentary silence ensues, her eyelids close, […]

Summer? (Poem)

13th January 2018 Annie Read 0

As raindrops pitter patter on an old tin roof and leaves bow under the deluge that pounds them. The sky turns grey and shrouds the countryside as the sheep huddle away from the wet that […]

Be still all sea waters (poem)

10th January 2018 Annie Read 1

Silence the waves of the ocean, bring its noise to a halt, take the flight of the seagulls, remove the taste of the salt. Let them build no more castles, smudge that line in the […]

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