When I close my eyes

9th February 2018 Annie Read 0

  When you close your eyes, do you see me? Are you driven to thoughts of desire and longing? Do you lie beside me and look into my eyes, only to see into my soul […]

Loves Sweet melody

2nd February 2018 Annie Read 0

I saw you from a distance and at that moment my life changed forever. I couldn’t control it, you seeped into my heart, like the blood that flows through it, keeping my very essence alive […]

A girl ascends red carpeted stair

14th January 2018 Annie Read 0

  A girl ascends red-carpeted stair and as she wanders, she repeats over and over, ‘Let tonight be silence kept, no battles fought or tears wept’ thus, to bed she goes. Momentary silence ensues, her eyelids close, […]

Cupid’s Bow (Poem)

11th January 2018 Annie Read 0

Let my fingers skim your lips and trace your Cupid’s bow, feel the breath escape your mouth and through your organs flow, Let me count the beats, that as a metronome shall beat the pace […]

Swansea v Burnley (highlights)

8th March 2017 emmy hikins 0

  The match between Swansea city and Burnley FC at the Liberty stadium on Saturday the 4th of March 2017 almost got Swansea football club hard done. The referee wrongly awarded a penalty to Burnley […]

Liverpool v Arsenal (highlights)

8th March 2017 emmy hikins 0

The match between Liverpool and Arsenal at the weekend was one centred around the rumoured sour relationship Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal FC and his manager Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal manager was widely criticised for not […]

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