Marriage at first sight

20th October 2016 emmy hikins 0

When I think of marriage at first sight there are a few things that comes to mind and if I go on listing them we’ll be here all day like literally. However without boring you […]

What is your favorite food?

14th October 2016 emmy hikins 0

Variety is the spice of life   What is your favorite food on this planet? Think about it and let yourself salivate. Can you picture it? Good ! Now imagine that: Your favorite food is […]

Men and the Games they play

7th October 2016 Patricia Bergwerff 0

Men can  make a great first loving  impression in the first  months of a relationship , but in the long term they can still disappoint you ! Have you ever asked yourself the question after a few […]


6th October 2016 Patricia Bergwerff 0

Dear ladies, today I want to  draw your attention to the following: This morning I went to the supermarket to do my groceries shopping. The sun was shining and it was so inviting to take […]

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