The Crew connect @thecrewconnect

7th November 2018 emmy hikins 1

Founded with collective mindset the crew connect has been able to change life through awareness, sentisisation and donation. We have extended our programme to all African countries and soon we going to have serious of […]

Mexico earthquake kills over 200

20th September 2017 emmy hikins 0

  Over 20 children has been reported dead in an Earthquake in a Mexican City, the school collapsed during a 7.1 magnitude earthquake during launch time yesterday. More than 30 children are still unaccounted for […]

Puerto Rican braze up for Mária

20th September 2017 emmy hikins 0

Puerto Ricans are brazing up for Maria, a hurricane said feared to be a category 5 storm with reaching speeds of up 160 mph.         According to the National Hurricane centre Hurricane […]

Anti-corruption referendum sparks protests

14th February 2017 emmy hikins 0

Romania alongside with Bulgaria became an EU member state since 2007. Romania has since been embroiled in protests over Bucharest decision to ease the anti-corruption in the country’s government. The European Union describes the corrupt […]

No radiation risk says France

9th February 2017 emmy hikins 0

France has issued a statement denying any risk of explosion following an explosion at a Nuclear Plant in Flamanville in France.     The company managing the site, EDF energy said the explosion was caused […]

Facebook vows to clampdown on fake news

16th December 2016 emmy hikins 0

  Mark Zukerberg has denied claims that Facebook’s fake news stream somehow influenced the outcome of the just concluded American Presidential Election in favour of the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. facebook however has vowed […]

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