Phew! that… was close!

14th October 2016 emmy hikins 0

This is the moment a diver feeding a shark from inside a cage got gate-crashed by shark which managed to get inside the cage but the Shark got out through the top latch with blood-stained […]

Return of The Don

14th October 2016 emmy hikins 0

Logline: When Police Commander Tracy Caparro, learnt that an ex‐mob boss Charlie Reid will soon return to the City, it became clear that mayhem is about to unfold. With Jack Ackerman the new gang leader […]

What is your favorite food?

14th October 2016 emmy hikins 0

Variety is the spice of life   What is your favorite food on this planet? Think about it and let yourself salivate. Can you picture it? Good ! Now imagine that: Your favorite food is […]

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