Tips for a first date !

4th October 2016 Patricia Bergwerff 0

The main loves lesson in the history of mankind is where I want to start today my collum with ————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Tips for a first date ! Now I have a lot of tips, but if […]

Suicide Car Bomb hits Mogadishu

2nd October 2016 emmy hikins 0

Yesterday a car bomb explosive in mogadishu in the capital of the African country Somalia killed 2 people.   A police officer at the scene said the blast occured at eh entrance of a restaurant […]

What is there to celebrate?

1st October 2016 Olanrewaju Akinfenwa 2

By Olanrewaju Akinfenwa Nigeria, on every October 1, like the rest of the world revel celebrating its day of independence; the day it left the domineering lordship of the conqueror. No nation is left out. […]

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