By Olanrewaju Akinfenwa

Nigeria, on every October 1, like the rest of the world revel celebrating its day of independence; the day it left the domineering lordship of the conqueror. No nation is left out.

Without wasting words, what’s there to celebrate? Before you crucify me I’m not addressing only Nigeria’s independence celebration but totality of individual country’s celebration.

This annual ritual is a pointer to human failure. We have reached a point in development and stagnate not daring to take the next step to real liberation.

Let’s look at Nature’s ordained steps of development. We were born dependent, we develop gradually to attain independence, at independence, we are meant to sustain it and thereafter graduate to the level of interdependence.

This process is captured in the development of human beings on earth. When it is given birth to, it is totally dependent on its parents. Gradually, it learns to crawl, to sit, to stand and finally, it will take the first step.


It will enrol in elementary school, graduates to secondary or high school and crown it with a university education. It will start working, live its parent’s house and savour its independence.


Soon, it will move ahead from its independence to interdependence by picking a wife or a husband that both of them can mutually cooperate in their tasks on earth.


What then has happened? We stagnated at independence and decay set in. What caused this is the fear of doing the right thing. It is the failure to love oneself and in doing that have what to give its neighbours, after all, you can’t give what you don’t have.

It is at this stage that individual will see that there are no differences between “my family” and “other human beings”. We are one bound together by our humanity and separated into homogenous group by our desiring, our weaknesses. On reaching this point we could not but have the volition to press on and cooperate with other human beings to move the earth forward.

The failure of this stagnation is acutely felt in the homes where discord has taken over the peace and love has been replaced by passion and in most cases lust. It should not have gotten to this level, but heedlessly, we scorn the love of nature inherent in the Laws.

But Nature knows we MUST do it, we must acquiesce to the Laws, we must move to the next level – Interdependent level, it brought to us tools that will help us. Myriads are these tools on individual and general level.

On the general level, the current tool is economic depression and natural catastrophe. What a joyful way to teach us to be ‘ our brother’s keeper’. What a better way to teach us to cooperate with each other. It’s an opportunity to learn to drop two cars that the three of you can maximize the use of one to the same destination. This ought not to be due to any particular poverty but to learn that ‘ waste not, want not’ but since we failed to move forward we are now being forced to do it.

Or allowing homeless share your abandoned, neglected service quarter; or giving out your seldom used country home in service of fellow human beings.


Or what is wrong in four families pulling resources together to buy one ram or one goat to celebrate Sallah? Ego! What’s Sallah? Sacrifice in humility. Hitherto, the meats are shared by the providers to the needy.

Nations had sensed this. It was apparent after the Second World War that independence can only bring about selfishness, hatred and attempts to subjugate lesser nations. The ideas was received and culminated into the formation of United Nations. However, has it achieved its aims? No. instead, it has only panders to the whim and caprices of the permanent Security Council members.


If it has succeeded, nations would have move to a natural interdependent where each strengthened nation will cooperate with each other to move the earth forward. This is succinctly captured by Abd-ru-shin in The Book “In The Light of Truth The Grail Message” where he states: “You will now probably ask: What happens when all want to be strong? When there is nothing left to be taken from anybody? Then, dear friend, there will be a voluntary interchange, based on the Law that only in giving can there also be receiving. There will be no stand­still on that account, but all that is inferior is eliminated”.

To stem this unpleasant fate, let’s move from independence to interdependence voluntarily and we will start living and not merely existing.