By Olanrewaju Akinfenwa


Out of the arguments of mankind, the most potent seems to be the ones surrounding the issue of common sense. Often you hear people condemn fellow human beings who have committed stupid acts by saying “common sense should have prevailed, but it seems common sense is not common”.


Where did the words common sense emanated from? What is its kinship with the other human senses? Answers to these questions will probably bring to bear the truism that common sense is the only sense that is actually common.


Let us examine the wrong roads mankind have travelled in the usage of the term “common sense”. The word common seems to have been used to mean pedestrian, ordinary, primordial or elementary. However, this shows a cursory look at the word. A deeper look at the word common in “common sense” shows that it rather means equally available, equally gifted, patrimony, common to all. In explanatory way it means something that all mankind is endowed with equally. It means a shared gift through which nobody has an edge over another.


This Abd-ru-shin in His Work, “In The Light of Truth The Grail Message” captures thus: “Failure lies always and only with man himself, never because of the strength or weakness of his specific gifts; for just the fundamental gift, the actual power, the strongest part of man, which is the bearer of all life and immortal, is given to all alike! In this respect no one has an advantage over another. All differences are owing only to the way in which it is used!


Let us look at the other senses to understand this gift of nature better. Let us do away with the intellectual dimension of whether the senses are five, nine or 25. Each of these schools of thoughts that hold different numbers has its reasons; but for the purpose of this exposition, let us stick to the common one that subscribes that human beings have five senses.


These senses briefly are the sense of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. A deeper look at each of these senses show that though they are present in the majority of mankind, they are not given uniformly. Also these senses are all tools of the cloak (body) of the real man, the spirit.


Moreover, there are human beings without one or more of the senses. For example, there are many people born blind, some born deaf, while some are bereft of sense of taste or sense of smell. Even in those human beings that have all the senses, these senses are not given in the same intensity. We have people who have greater or lesser sense of taste, smell, hearing or even sense of touch than us. This shows that though we may all have these senses, we are not endowed equally.


Though the reason for this inequality is not far fetch, let us rightly state that it is given to individual based on the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Each human being is reincarnated into circumstances which he deserves. In this no error can come into it; whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap more abundantly.


Back to the issue of our shared patrimony; the only sense giving to every human being equally without any distinction is the common sense. What then is the common sense? Let me state from the onset that common sense is a tool of the real man, the spirit!


It is important to explain who man is to arrive at what this common sense is. Briefly, man is a spirit that makes use of the body as a covering while on earth. This spirit has its own senses. Germane to this exposition are the senses of attraction and discernment.


As a spirit, it has the ability to attract all it needs on its journey from and back to paradise. It is equally endowed with the sense of discernment, elucidation or if you like the “wao moment” call inspiration.


Without giving it a label yet, let us look at an example. Where you are introduced to a fellow and instantly a voice from within warned you that nothing good can come out of that acquaintanceship or where your inner being repel the fellow even though he is quiet attractive and well mannered. What sense is in play at that material time?


Or sitting within your room and a question that has occupied you for months or weeks suddenly receive an instant answer. What sense is in play?


This sense is that which never err. It is given to the poor, the rich, the healthy and the sick equally, but listening to it depends on how you have individually mastered it. It is just like your radio, if you do not know how to turn or set the knob to the desired station, you will not be able to enjoy its broadcast. Yet the broadcast is there given equally to all who can tune in.


In the Work, “In The Light of Truth The Grail Message”, it is stated, “… For example, what a man intuitively senses at a first meeting with a stranger can either be a kind of warning to be careful, which may even go as far as absolute repugnance, or something pleasant mounting to a feeling of complete affinity. In some cases it may also be indifference…”


Let us look at its surrounding helper and may be we can glean from it what this common sense is. Let us look at your conscience! Is it dead or is it alive? Before you answer, let it be known that your conscience can not die, it is always there prodding you to do that which is right. But where you fail to adhere to its silent prodding, another Law, the Law of Continuous Movement will set in and gradually you will lose connection to receive its broadcast. For, an ability that is not use is soon lost. No wonder we have birds that can not fly and fish that cannot swim.


Now we have gotten to it! The common sense is The Intuition! It is given to each an every human being equally without nepotism, without favouritism. Mastering its usage, however, is left to the individual. You learn to turn its knob to the desire issue and the broadcast that will come to you silently will one day through constant usage in the right way come out loud and clear.


The Work, “In The Light of Truth The Grail Message” further states, “…The intuition, which is not bound to space and time but connected with its homogenous kind, with the Spiritual, immediately recognised the true nature of the other person and did not allow itself to be deceived by the cleverness of the intellect.


“It is absolutely impossible for the intuition to err.”


Stop deriding Common Sense and learn to start using it in the right way, then perhaps, sooner than later, we shall stop intellectually crippled human beings from ruling the earth.


Start making sure that your thoughts are of noble nature and gradually your intuition will start talking to you. Learn, to at all times, listen to your conscience and gradually, the works of your hands will become ennobled and you will have your right to the equal patrimony called Common Sense because after all, it is common to all human beings.