Terrorist attacks such as those in Brussels, Paris, Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, Ankara etc. are out to enforce fear, hatred and division. May we as fellow human beings, as fellow citizens as brothers and sisters, do not let that happen. We should stand shoulder to shoulder together and make a fist of brotherhood and unity!
every person is a flower created by its creator
each person is a flower with a different color, a different flavor and a different shape.
on earth are several flowers that are beautiful ..
a bunch of flowers with different colors, fragrances and shapes.
a bouquet of the same flower is beautiful ..
But a blended bouquet with different colors is much nicer !!
it is expected of us that when we see each other, we pelt each other with flowers, not bombs ..
there are people who see every flower of different color or smell as enemy
these people are very short-sighted
they can not see beyond their noses.
They are the enemy of every religion, every belief
and we say their ideology is idiot logy ..
my excuse that I have invented this new word …
they are enemies of every religion, every culture.
one day they have chosen ….. paris europe ..
Europe is not a continent of non-Muslims … here live more than 50 million Muslims!
and if Europe is attacked then Muslims are also attackted..not only non-Muslims
and they had ever attacked earlier ankara, islammabad and ever attackted a girl who went to school named Malala ….
each flower they want to fight with bombs ..
they are enemies of us all
Now we are going to make a stand against them and I will read every day a sentence ..
Violence ends where respect begins!