do not panic, it is very important that you wear a hairstyle that suits you.
I think  as a stylist in the hair need  to stay yourself
every face is different and your hair style should fit you, so I make sure you get  the outside looks like who you are inside!
with colors, you can do a lot, especially now that winter is approaching.
the leaves will soon fall from the trees in beautiful autumn colors, these colors are beautiful and make you shine in a completely natural way.
Of course, the makeup must be adapted accordingly to create an effect that radiates pure beauty.
and sensual mix of ‘BRONDE (chestnut color) and’ blonde ‘(blonde shades), also continues to be a hit for the year 2016. The current BRONDE shades are very subtle. The highlights have to be super fine. This kind of highlights are in the jargon called ‘baby lights.
All this is important to know as you sit in the barber chair. The shades will be fine – there are heaps of hair products that come with the right shades for a beautiful ‘bronde’ mix – but ask your hair stylist to keep as finely as possible the highlights.
a year consists of different seasons, new season? new hair!
go for it!