Men are strange creatures …
Hopelessly frustrating it is for women. Why he does not talk about problems with me? He is so quiet .. Does he still love me? Why is it so hard for him to admit that he made a mistake? You read it here!
Men do not easily admit their mistakes because they are afraid that you no longer love or like  him. Explain that you love him and  his mistakes. Mistakes are, after all, to learn.
If a man sitting alone in the car, he asks comfortable way to a passer-by, But with a woman beside him in the car he will refuse, because a man does have a good sense of direction !! Do not think he will ask though. He will not put his pride aside quickly ..
The self-esteem of a man is measured by your appreciation for his efforts. The more you appreciate his efforts, the better he feels. So give a lot of compliments, then you have a pleasant man in the house!
Advice? Oh no, he does not need .. unless he asks you.
Men are practical and also love practical gifts. Buy a charger, Wi-stick or something else practical for him. Believe me, most men will be happier than a rich, romantic poem (unless it follows from sex). Since he loves practical, he also gives you practical things. At Christmas he gives you a comfortable charging cable for your phone, since it was still broken. Do not get angry, this is simply the practical attitude of the man. However, you can be blunt to say that you expected a poem or anything else and that you will appreciate that next time .
When a man is silent,  women quickly think  that he did not love her or that he is angry. Do not be afraid, stressed men often remain silent.
A massage can quite often help men to be quiet, so  arrives your love stressing at home? Surprise him with a good shoulder and back massage. He will be you certainly grateful !!