Can you relate to this scenario?
You  wake up in the morning and think ooooh I’m so not in the mood today!
You jump out of bed and accidentally runs along the mirror, you see your hair in all directions  as if your fingers are plugged in the socket !
You have bags under your eyes with some leftover makeup from the previous day.
You feel yourself a ghost and you hate it that your  husband sees you like this.
To make matters worse even once the doorbell rings, the postman at the door to deliver a package.
You look tremendously reluctant to get through the day knowing that you have an awful lot to do.
The kids have to go to school so there is a lunch package to be made .
You have to do the laundry you need iron because hubby needs a clean shirt for work.
You have to go to the supermarket to  buy food… what to eat today again ????
Meanwhile, it should be cleaned at home, the dishes must be washed, and yet you do not get ahead.
In between you get an annoying phone call from a company if you want to participate in a questionnaire …
hmmmmmm ……..
What is it heavenly to have an understanding man in this state.
A man who says you look great good …. a man who  makes a cup of coffee for you and say you do not need to cook though sweetie!
Tonight we go out for dinner.
A man who gives your neck a good massage and who can put a smile on your face….
A man who gives you a good feeling day by day and time after time…..
This makes your day still be allright and im glad and blessed that i have a man like this !
A shout out to all the women all over the world ….
Appreciate this if you have a second half who treat you this way
This is pure love !!
This is worth so much more than getting material things !!!