The main loves lesson in the history of mankind is where I want to start today my collum with
Tips for a first date !
Now I have a lot of tips, but if you’re talking about the very-very-best tip ever, here it comes.
(The tip that changed my life radically at every possible level. Whether it be friends, family, clients, relationships or whatever.)
“Find out what men need to find a way to give them.”
With the “need” I mean what that person really desires deep inside, where he  craves. He  simply can not live without.
Do that … and the world is at your feet.
I know this sounds crazy.
But it’s the truth.
If you give men what they need they will do everything to give this back to you too. Not even because they want to be honest, but just because they can not live without you.
The only way to get what you want in abundance and long term is to give men what they want.
Some seek confirmation, others seek challenge, others seek security and so on ..
 you have to find out what the deep universal desires are inside that person.
Everyone knows by now That Mainly men are visual people, make sure you are taken care of looks!
We judge books by their covers, and we can’t help but do it. This happens so quickly – just a small fraction of a second – that what we see can sometimes dominate what we know.”
So it certainly does not hurt to look good to think about what it takes to impress you. A first impression is not just about appearance, but also about what you say, your attitude and more.
Be like a mysterious flirt but stay nonchalant and dont give yourself that easy,men like to hunt !!
Beginning neutral and nonchalant, as you would do  with the greengrocer
start with making casual, innocent contact.if you like the person build it up untill a higher level .
It should be not too thick on top, it scares many men. It’s good to start casually and ignore that raised devil on your shoulder .. dear sir. It’s all human, but there is a time for
everything. Now it’s time for a chat.
Having sex on the first date is not wise but you have to touch him !!
Begin and end the date with three kisses on the cheek or a hug.
Put your hand briefly on his shoulder when he makes a joke.
in short, hit him on the first date a couple of times recently and therefore increases the likelihood that he wants to see you again.
You can not lead a person on, have sex and then expect them to be ok with the cold shoulder … we’re human beings and sex is a deeply intimate exchange between people.
So Here’s an idea … Instead of deceiving the person you’re Pursuing, be open with your intentions from the start. Let them know you ain ‘into anything if that’s what it is. If They
reject your intentions then move on – the ocean is far from dry and I’m sure it has plenty people that’s on your run !