Today I like to share with you a story that my mother (who is 81 years old) shared with her friends on facebook.
She was 60 years along with my father who was her great love but died in 2015.
She can not tolerate this and feels very alone and lonely.
It feels like they amputated she says.
Her children gave her an iPad and taught her to be active on facebook.
This gives her distraction she writes every day on her experiences.
this story is true, and I like to share with you today.
A very good morning. Last week I had just ridden a tour through our beautiful environment and I stopped at a nice terrace. I sat there with a cup of coffee when there was a relatively young man parked his bike and sat on steps distance from me.
He had a big bag and held it ever watched.
Nothing special but it struck me. It was a really nice spot, so I enjoyed the nature and gave my eyes a living. This in my eyes a strange man, did the same and began remote chat. Came a table closer and I saw that he was very lonely. He was, I estimate about 40 so young for such a sad face. I got him a good talk the longer it took the more cheerful he was. He lived alone and had enough money, was well dressed but very lonely. After half an hour he picked up his bag and pulled out guitar.
This is what I had experienced before. He began to sing and play and asked me for some requests. The terras got more crowded and I found it very nice but also very sad. He told me many things which I said, it’s almost a story for my column. I asked him if this was ok for him and he answered with,its fine madame,may it will help others…… He was single and had once met the love of his life, his first girl and after three years she told him that she was married .and could no longer continue with this lie. My whole world collapsed said the young man. I did not go further with her, I wanted to but i could not. This relationship became for both of them a big and real drama. I’ve put a line under this relationship two years ago said the guy and i want but cant see her any longer but my life has changed so much that now I sing songs with my guitar just to help myself to process this grief… my life is very sober now and i live day by day together with my gitar and my own written songs.
I became aware that love can cause so much grief when love should be so beautiful. I wanted to support the man and told him you will surely meet another nice woman to build up your life with,to which the boy replied,
No madame,you can just once love someone that much in this life as i love this woman,my gitar told me this…….
I thought how can I bring this boy a smile on his face ??. It worked a litle bit after i told him a litle funny joke to cheer him up and this gave me a lot of satisfaction.
laughing he left the terrace and thanked me for the conversation.
What is love? It ought to be so beautiful, but the reality is often different ..
Thought of the day…
if you dont want something done to you, also dont do it to one another, because who does well encountered good.