Dear ladies, today I want to  draw your attention to the following:
This morning I went to the supermarket to do my groceries shopping.
The sun was shining and it was so inviting to take a breath of fresh air.
As I do every day, I made sure that I had my makeup and hair done.
This is not to seduce men, but for my husband I do this every day and it has become a ritual which is part of my daily habit.
It puzzles me (while walking down the street) how many women don’t do this!
I really don’t  understand why so many women are totally not paying attention to how they look.
Is it so difficult to comb your hair?
Is it so hard to let excel your femininity?
A little lipstick and a touch of make-up can do you a lot of good and all it takes is just 2 minutes work.
Woman walking in a pair of jeans that fits not right, they also wear big sneakers which is anything but feminine.
Also, I see women walking in an old joggings pants, no hint of makeup and their hair not to mention.
I recently read an article about cheating.
Men are described as animalistic individuals. as there was last week a headline that men literally walk after their genitals.
Now it is a common fact that men are visual and look at other women because they need it, it’s in their genes.
When your husband is doing this it doesnt feels good but you can avoid it by making an effort on yourself!
Once your husband fell in love with YOU!
Probably you made yourself too beautiful for him at that time.
If he has a wife who is beautiful (that’s what  you are for him, otherwise he would never have chosen for you)
he does not need other women get it!
As long as you give your man what his male instinct needs , you will remain exclusive to him .
Men do have simply certain sexual fantasies and if you can make this fantasies reality for him he will yearn only for you. .
Don’t Let your loved one end up in the arms of another woman, give him everything and you’re his world!
This applies certainly to the bedroom, as long as you give him everything he needs you will remain irreplaceable for him.
He is happy as you are happy! It’s a win win.