Letting go of someone  that sits in your heart, you cant do suddenly because this is far from easy..
It is like going on a long road, a road full of memories with images and emotions, deep and sharp.
Already on the way you are going to see how it was.. how it really was !
You learn to see from the outside, you see the hidden pattern, the how and the why.
you see what the other person  thought, felt and did.
 You will see what you could not see in the past because you stood in the middle of it because you were part of the whole
Now with every step that distance is growing, you are going to see,you are going to understand and you are going to accept.
So in other words the insight grows in what was…
Until you’ve seen everything, until you feel everything through, until you understand everything for what it was, really was…
when the tears are gone, only then, finally, you can close the door to the past and you will be free and open to what is waiting for you..
A new future!