Men can  make a great first loving  impression in the first  months of a relationship , but in the long term they can still disappoint you !
Have you ever asked yourself the question after a few months dating if a guy  is real or fake?
If so, then I have a very good way to estimate out how he will behave after  years in the relationship.
Here is a very interesting important test:
Look at how he deals with weaker humans who are  probably never be able to repay his kindness.
So dont look how  he is to you, but how he act to people he doesnt have to be nice too.
Look how he deals with people he has nothing to do with.
This could be a very good test to find out what kind of person he really is.
How this person treats waiters, taxi drivers, cashiers and other service staff.
There is much more to say about a person’s character when gets clear how he treats the people  who dont have money, power or influence.
Is he polite to them? Is he generous?  does he make nasty comments about them when they are out of sight?  Does he speaks polite to them? does he say thank you?
It may be a small thing, and it seems a little crazy. But the way someone treats the powerless says more about his personality than you can find out in a few  months of personal conversations.
It is a convenient way to find out if a man could be a bad guy !
Never be satisfied with words alone, deeds he has to show ladies!
Give him the chance to make his words to deeds but keep a deadline in your mind.
Do you have the idea that he’s a player?
Does your Intuition tells you this, listen to that voice, naturally you have intuition that will almost always tell you the truth.
If he is real, he keeps his word, if not then he is not worthy  and you’re not as important to him as he says.
immediately dump !!!!!
Run away and very hard, for him 10 others, there are more men than churches!