By Olanrewaju Akinfenwa


When the news filtered in that Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi, Japanese biologist has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine I quickly checked his pedigree.


One thing that caught my fancy was the downsides of his life that he beat to later clinch this Nobel Prize for Medicine. In 2012, he told the Journal of Cell Biology that he was frustrated in a news report by New York Times.


“I grew very frustrated,” he told the Journal of Cell Biology in 2012. He switched to studying the duplication of DNA in yeast. That work led him to a junior professor position at the University of Tokyo where he picked up a microscope and started peering at sacks in yeast where cell components are degraded — work that eventually brought him, at age 43, to the discoveries that the Nobel Assembly recognized on Monday. Dr. Ohsumi later moved to the National Institute for Basic Biology, in Okazaki, and since 2009, he has been a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology”.


To understand Prof. Ohsumi’s line of work is to put it in a lay man’s language. He studies how cells recycled damaged, diseased or tired bits of human minute parts into a regenerated new life.


However, that is not the reason for this exposition. The reason for it is how he picked up “deriving joy from the work on yeast”. This is a pointer that if only man could do that which he loves, successful and joyous stories would be the order of the day, world wide.


However, the intellect, the usurper, is the one that always stand in the way. Pure joy frees the real man and consigns the intellect, which is just a tool of the body to the background. It makes man looks inward and makes proper use of his tools. And it is in this moment that The Common Sense (The Intuition) brings out that “wao moment” that is well known to humble scientists, inventors and literary giants. These men and women who have been termed great for allowing their spirits have its way know that humility is the key to tapping from the Creation of The Lord.


This Abd-ru-shin in His Work, “In The Light of Truth The Grail Message”, pointed out, “…Rightly considered, it is in this pitiable role that the whole of science presents itself to us today. Narrowing itself, convulsively suppress­ing and fearfully rejecting everything which it cannot also press into the limited confines of its so earthbound understanding! They really reject it with fear, because in spite of their rigidity these learned men cannot indeed deny that there exists more than merely that which they can classify in the gross material register of the brain, which thus still belongs unconditionally to the gross material plane, to the outer­most ramifications at the lowest end of this great Creation!”


He also gives a solution, “…Nobody realised that just this reasoning proved at the same time how far removed intellectual work lies from true knowledge.


“Break the narrow bounds drawn around you in such a clever way as to render you incapable of developing beyond the pompous earthly erudition of the human intellect! You will quickly learn to sense intuitively that it is precisely those things which the intellect can sub­stantiate that belong to theory; for only earth-built theory can be sub­stantiated as a structure, never true knowledge!”


Once human beings listen to its intuition, unparalleled results shall he achieve. But instead of travelling this road, man would rather want to be better than Nature. He most times forgets that he cannot create a thing! Whatever he invents are pieces he picks from creation giving them a new form in amalgamation.


However, this notoriety that wants to be wiser than his Creator has caused man many a ills. Only if he could turn back from this road of perdition on time!


Over the years, there were reports of resistance to malaria drugs. There were many postulations pointing to the fact that the malaria parasites have grown thick skin against medications, especially quinine based anti malaria.


The blame was dumped on the hapless malaria sufferers. He was blamed for not completing his dosage which made the parasites to become stronger.


Though this may be correct in some instances, the reason is well beyond that. The problem lies with that would be human knowledge who wants to know more than his Creator.


The quinine is an extract from various plants. Notable among them is morinda lucida (Oruwo), bitter melon (momordica charantia), goat weed (ageratum conyzoids). The scientists extract the active ingredients and turn it in to tablets, capsules, injections or what have you. They thereby deprive the patients the full compliment of what Nature has packaged.


It is not for nothing that Nature makes it in that form, but the-would-be clever scientists extract a part and dub it medicine. Since the enlightenment on malaria resistance, I know a lot of people including myself that rely on our ever constant Oruwo. Though bitter, no plasmodium falciparum (malaria parasite) has ever resisted it.


There are many things that science, though good, needed, have turned into danger, a curse to mankind. Included also are food like white bread, white flour and its attendant products. Use these products in whole and we will bid bye to all the talks about resistance.


To do this, we however, require scientists that will be humble to be happy in their work to turn the knob of their intuitive faculty to the desired station to tune in to a broadcast that will take us to the promise land of good health.