In all circumstances, you are not alone!

  • Hurricane Mathew, one disaster too many


By Olanrewaju Akinfenwa


The way late Michael Jackson and R. Kelly used the above title was to portray romance between long distant lovers. It speaks of “out of sight is not out of mind”. However, the title is used here in a higher sense.


What has taken place and is still taking place in Haiti calls for all the help we could muster. It is great that some musical and video stars have risen up to the occasion donating money and materials to cushion the effect of the hurricane Mathew.


However, how can this natural disaster have happened? Were there no warnings to get the people, (over a thousand lost their lives), away from the area. What happened to the hurricane warnings and alerts? Did they come too late? Or did the world abandon the Haitians because they are poor? Or technology simply failed? But the most important question is how can we avoid it in the future?


Let us leave these questions to float and see how mankind over the years have fared before, during and after what is termed “natural disaster”. We shall also see that man’s solutions or help to avoiding natural disaster in the future does not lie with science!


We have had series of these natural disasters, but let us take a look at two of them – The Tsunami and this current Hurricane Mathew that hurriedly destroyed Haiti before hurrying to the United States.


If you look at the figures of human lives lost during each of these occurrences, you cannot but wonder, if man is not consigned to a certain fate or that man is definitely on his own.


But I assure you, you are never alone. The Most Benevolent Creator has so cared for man that man cannot and can never be alone. But man, like a dog that wants to get lost, will never listen to the sound of its master’s whistle.


We have abandoned our common sense, the intuition. We turned to intellect, which has produced cold calculating technology. However, despite being helpful, technology has never and will never be able to solve man’s issues as regards its existence and interaction with Nature.


Let us see how nature helps man from time immemorial. In the book of Numbers of The Bible, we read how the ass of Balaam refused to continue the journey when Balaam wanted to follow Balak to go and place a curse on the Israelites. Instead of listening to his animal, he beat it until, we were told, “Then the LORD opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and he bowed down his head, and fell flat on his face”.


This type of event has repeated itself over the ages, but man has always refused to listen to the warnings. It is also absurd that while many people die during these incidents, few if any animal lose their lives. Why is it so? Is animal more valuable or more sensible than man? Let’s leave those questions for now.


Meanwhile let us take another account. This happened in modern day, during the Tsunami of 2004, “Wit Aniwat, whose family runs an elephant camp for tourists in Thailand, was awakened by an unusual alarm clock: the trumpeting and wailing of elephants.


“It was a bit out of the ordinary, but Wit thought nothing of it as the sun rose. There was work to do.


“Five minutes later, another oddity. “The elephants became very agitated,” Wit recalls in NATURE’s Can Animals Predict Disaster? Astonished, he watched as the huge animals broke their chains and stampeded up a nearby hill. He and another trainer gave chase. But they hadn’t gotten very far when a terrifying sound overtook them: the sound of a towering wave of water crashing ashore and overwhelming everything in its path.

Luckily, Wit survived the tsunami. More than 200,000 other people around the Indian Ocean weren’t so lucky.


“The elephants? They were fine too. Wit and many others believe it’s because they knew the wave was coming. And scientists say there’s a possibility that Wit is right. That’s because elephants are among a handful of animals known to be able to hear “infrasound,” the extremely low-frequency rumbles that are produced by natural phenomena from earthquakes and volcanoes to heavy winds and avalanches”.


I am sure you must have gleaned what the problem is by now. I will help you out. The problem as always is the would-be-clever attitude of human beings. Imagine, the scientists said, “there’s a possibility that Wit is right”. Possibility? Nay, he was right. Yet the scientist started digging at the course of survival of more animals from disaster areas than man and what have they come out with? Another branch of science, “infrasound”. Nay, the animal does not use infrasound to note this. Infrasound gives only minute chance of escape. There are accounts of animals migrating weeks, months before a natural disaster occurs. That cannot be infrasound.


The answer, like all answers to human existence and issues, is clearly explained by Abd-ru-shin in His Work, In The Light of Truth The Grail Message:


“The elemental beings know exactly when and where sudden changes in Nature are about to take place, such as landslides, rocks being dislodged from mountains, trees falling, the caving-in of land under­mined by water, the bursting of a dam, sudden water eruptions, vol­canic and fire eruptions, tidal waves and floods, earthquakes, and everything else coming within the same category, because they them­selves are occupied with the preparation and bringing about of such changes, which men call disasters and catastrophes.


“If such a happening is imminent it may well be that an animal or a person approaching the spot is warned by these elementals. They block the way and try, through vehement motions, shouting or sud­den impressions upon their feelings, to induce them to return. The animal is startled, its hair “bristles”, and it energetically refuses to continue, quite contrary to its usual behaviour, so that often as an exception even the best-trained animal disobeys its master. This is the reason for the striking behaviour of the animal in such cases. Man, however, does not see these elemental beings and very often runs into the danger, thereby perishing or suffering great harm.


“For this reason man should pay more attention to animals so that he learns to understand them. Then animals will truly become man’s friends, able to fill gaps and thus be much more useful to him than they have been in the past”.


Therein lies the answer. Man can and should listen to his inner voice and most of the issues confronting him will fizzle out. He has, as one of his cloaks, the animistic cloak (same as the origin of animal); this means he can and should be able to perceive these substantiate beings in Nature and in time learn to listen to their warnings. But he must remember that nobody can do this for him. He must struggle with himself to bring about this slowly, steadfastly and he will surely go back to the basic – the way he was meant to be and unparallel joy will once more be his as it was in the beginning. The joy that will do nothing but venerate The Maker!