By Olanrewaju Akinfenwa


This year’s theme for the United Nation’s International Day for Disaster Reduction
is very apt. it captures the essence of what life is. It speaks, albeit, unconsciously to the spirit of man.


Slated for every October 13, the 2016 Theme: “Live To Tell: Raising Awareness, Reducing Mortality”, succinctly captures the reality that disaster must occur but we must do our very best to reduce mortality. This is almost akin to the factual saying in one of the Holy Books, The Bible that “no arrow fashion against you shall prosper”. The promise is not that arrow shall not be fashioned against you but that they would not prosper.


To this end, the United Nation’s International Day for Disaster Reduction speaks, albeit, unconsciously to the spirit of man to “Watch and Pray”.


It is in his “watching” that man will perceive disaster that WILL approach. Then in looking upwards to the Light which is his “praying”, help will come in one way or the other.


This in that great road map given to mankind, “In The Light of Truth The Grail Message”, Abd-ru-shin states, “Watch and pray are the words which you are once more given on your path! The watching concerns your life on earth, during which you must at any moment be ready of your own accord clearly to per­ceive the impressions assailing you, and also to weigh and scrutinise them, as well as carefully to examine beforehand everything emanat­ing from you.


“Praying, however, ensures the maintenance of the connection with the Luminous Heights, and the opening of oneself to holy streams of power for earthly application.


“That is the purpose of prayer, which compels your mind to turn away from this earth upwards! Hence this demand, the fulfilment of which will bring you nothing but inestimable gain through strong help, to the supply of which you otherwise close yourselves by not observing the Laws in Creation!”


Let us quickly look at what is called disaster. Earthquake, volcano, hurricane, tsunami, etc. These are the works of substantiate beings. They cleanse the earth of impurities, they form, they readjust, and in this some of the so called disaster occurs. They must occur because they are in line with Law of Development for the earth; but they are not meant for the human being habiting such region to perish.


However, human beings have become obtuse in spirit. He must start taking seriously the admonition to “watch and pray”. Like the account of Wit Aniwat I related in my article, “In all circumstances, you are not alone! Hurricane Mathew, one disaster too many”, we can learn from the animal and many a life would be saved. No wonder in most natural disaster, few or in some cases no animal perish.


But the one who need to be at the forefront of this is WOMAN! However, she has abandoned her traditional role and started competing with man that ought to be below her. This topic, I will not touch here till tomorrow when the United Nation shall be celebrating another day, “International Day of Rural Women”. Till then, please, “Watch and Pray”!


“For this reason everything that is wrong among men is already now meeting with its doom, be it in economics, the state, politics, the churches, sects, peoples, families and also in the individual! Every­thing, everything is now dragged before the Light, so that it may re­veal and simultaneously judge itself therein! Also what has hitherto been able to remain hidden must reveal itself as it really is, must become active, and thus finally, despairing of itself and others, disin­tegrate and turn to dust”.