Variety is the spice of life


What is your favorite food on this planet?

Think about it and let yourself salivate.

Can you picture it?

Good !

Now imagine that:

Your favorite food is in your front on the table, in a plate, with a paper cup filled with water, juice or coffee.

Now, eat it.

Just as you are devouring the food another plate of the same food is put before you, then, the portion is doubled.
Now the main hurdle is that you must not only finish the food, but the same food would be repeated for you throughout the month. That is, it would be the same type of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I bet it would no longer be fun for you. Let me bring it home to you.
I once worked at a bakery. The children were always ignoring the delicious cakes, croissants and those delicious chocolate that were very tempting to me.


I was curious. What or where did these children got the self restraint from?
An old baker wisdom was revealed to me.  “Whatever a baker’s child wants to eat, he should be allowed because sooner than later, he will become disinterested in it”.


I also learnt that once the baker’s child over indulge himself, he is bound to become sick and this will naturally turn his mind off the appeal for such delicacies.


This has made them, over time, lost interest in great food. It’s no longer special or interesting to them anymore.
Though this seems logical, I see many women make the same mistake in their relationship.

They devote all their time to their new partner. This is not wrong in itself but they see each other everytime, go to the same place over and over. They stick together through out the day and even during the evening they are constantly in touch via social media.


This creates a monotonous life which becomes dreary and leads to a lot of pains.
The solution is simple. Variation. As long as you cannot eat the same type of food everyday, you need to spice up your relationship with a lot of varieties of activities.

You are surprised that I have compared your relationship with culinary issue, it is not a mistake. More than anybody, ladies love varieties when it comes to food, why not jazz up your love life by varying your activities with your man.


Surprise him from time to time. He will value you and look forward to the next magic moment.


Don’t underestimate the value of variation in a relationship. Variation in your activities, variations in the bedroom, variation in your dates, variety of settings and so on brings back the passion and sparks to your relationship.

It does not matter if you know each other for three days or 30 years, variation remains important.