Dedication to women living in the rural area


By Olanrewaju Akinfenwa


Today, the United Nation is celebrating the International Day of Rural Women. What first caught my attention is the arrangement of the words: “rural women”. It set me thinking. Are this women rural or are they living in rural areas? The truth is the spirit in them is equal to the spirit of women living in the city. The issue is their level of development.


“The spirit of the most primitive people, for instance, which include the so-called savage tribes, and also the Bushmen, Hottentots, and so on, has perhaps been in the World of Matter just as long as that of other peoples, but has not kept pace in development, or after already ascending in this world or in the beyond has again retrogressed so far that it could be incarnated only in such lowly surroundings”.


The above quotation taken from The Book, “In The Light of Truth The Grail Message” written by Abd-ru-shin points to the fact that self development or self underdevelopment is key in the actuating of the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species, one of the key laws responsible for the station of life each spirit is incarnated to.


Today, being their day, let us look at what they go through. They are neglected, they are scorned, they are over worked, their nerves overwrought by childish behaviour of their children, their husbands see them as appendages, slaves. Yet in the presence of The Lord, they have values. Once the spirit in them is given the free rein, they will soar and in most cases surpass the so called city women. One thing I set out to achieve is that like people with disability are not disabled people, they are not rural women, but women living in the rural areas.


They live far better than most women in the city. They are yet to be bitten by the bug that wants to equate women with men. They know their place. In most cases, where the spirit has recognised its task, some of these rural women have become the blessings their communities need. They work as healers, priestesses and in rare cases, seers. And in these, you see real beauty that takes care of the environment; who in spite of poverty live in clean and well taken care environment.


It is not surprising! Women are supposed to be just that. They are supposed to be more refined than men. This is in line with the finer garment they have which is absent in men. To this end, they are linked with the home and duties that uplifts the spirit. But they have veered off this course. They are found in all masculine profession and they are pushing for more – Equality with men! I shudder. Imagine a father seeking equality with his toddler. I am sure, you would laugh at that. That is exactly the ridiculous level the woman of today is trying to descend to with her equality mantra.


But all this will change! Women would be women in future! They will cease to compete with men but actually know that they stand above the men. To paint a picture, women are like the electricity powering the noisy printing machine. Without woman, where would men draw their strength from? In her “watchfulness” woman will decipher all the evil vibrations coming towards her and her household and “prayerfully” she can ward them off.


But before that time comes, women must work on themselves and go back to the basics. Most of the things that are at variance with the norm is because women have ceased to be women, hence birds no longer chirp like birds and everything is upside down. But the time will come when her spirit will unfold and her intuition will once more point the way, the right way, for mankind.


To do this she must hearken to the words, “watch and pray”, then she would be on the road that she ought to thread. This Abd-ru-shin captures in The Book, “In the Light of Truth The Grail Message, “First comprehend these words aright, then you will indeed learn to recognise the strict demand they contain! “Watch” calls upon the alertness of your intuitive perception and thus demands mobility of your spirit! This alone harbours true vigilance. And it is here, too, that womanhood must again take the lead, because she is given a more extended and more delicate ability of intuitive perception.


“Womanhood must be vigilant in the strength of her purity, which she must serve if she faithfully wishes to fulfil the task of womanhood in this Creation. But this she can only do as a priestess of purity!”


It is easier for women living in the rural area to do this as they are surrounded by nature. Here the birds sings the greatness of The Lord to them unadulterated by the hustle bustle of town life. That is why I agree with Ban Ki-Moon, the outgoing Secretary-General of the United Nations that “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promises to leave no one behind. To deliver on that, we must help rural women to thrive, and to access the support and information they need, so that they can fulfil their potential without leaving their communities.”