What if you’re unlucky in love for years.
And suddenly your great love again encounter who ever in your younger years was your first love?
You’re surprised to see each other again after 25 years, but you’re even more surprised when you hear that he lives abroad.
You draw your courage and chat via social media, take the airplane and find him after two months chatting…
If you look you can feel that you are going back deep into each other’s eyes at the time, there’s still that love.
Both have a backpack full of sorrow, pain, setbacks and both of you have lost faith in love.
What appears is that you still have that match with each other.
There are now children in the game, it is difficult and certainly the distance do not make things easier.
let’s see how it goes, we’ll see.
The months fly by and bacame one year.
One year, two years…… and two years became four years.
 Love became stronger but the distance also strikes uncertainty.
Years, you’re forced to lie in order to keep the peace in your own environment.
Traveling every two weeks, parting again, every time you feel like you are amputated …
The happy feeling every time you see each other, the terrible sadness you feel every time you seperate…
I can write a book about it, because this is my story …
I doubt if I should do, so depending on your responses, I will consider doing my whole story…
Im looking forward your comments..