Hip Hop has gone to the dogs, Labels today are making a Mockery of hip hip. They are signing artist that mumble and call it a style, And People like Diddy, Jay-Z and other host of Old school rapper sit back and allow them to destroy a culture that was built on people’s struggles and pain.

Now its just blacks flossing on they own people to sell records, Dj’s don’t look to break new artist anymore because artist get on and forget the Dj that broke their first singles to go main stream so the domino effect starts to the point where the gate keepers of hip hop use new artist that know nothing about getting into the industry, take they money and sell them false hopes of making it.


So they have them spend their money on showcases where they perform in front of people from the label that spend the whole night with they face in they phone on social media,Cause they only concern is that Bag they collecting at the end of the night,Even if you win you will be lucky to even talk to them again.

Nobody needs a label executive to tell them they hot and turn around and tell you keep doing shows Where everyone in the building is a artist or a fan of an artist performing so how is this beneficial to any artist its not for one reason cause labels don’t want great music they want dumb you down music, that keeps people stuck in the struggle.

I’m going to close with this An artist and friend of mine Bill Blass a Yonkers Native Battled Dmx and many other artist in parks clubs any where ,But my point is the brother has a lot of positive music that the same people Diddy and Jay-z over look cause it’s uplifting not the normal  Garbage they feeding people.