When I think of marriage at first sight there are a few things that comes to mind and if I go on listing them we’ll be here all day like literally. However without boring you I’m just going to mention a few and I’d like to start with things she may not like about me.

So what if she don’t like my tomatoes sauce? what if she don’t like to watch family guy? or not like the fact that I might be a coach potato?, what if she likes travelling and exploring new places?, what if she’s got a ton of friends that likes going out on friday and saturday nights?.

What if she don’t like ice-cream and junk food?, what if she snores loud?, what if she sleep-walks? what if she’s Vegetarian? what if she’s taller than I am? what if she talks in her sleep?what if she don’t like my last name? what if she likes horror movies? what if she don’t like music? what if she hates football?

What if she has an OCD? what if she likes to argue? what if she doesn’t like my friends? what if she distastes my style of clothes? what if she dances weird? what if she chews loudly? what if she’s rubbish at kissing? what if parents don’t like me? what if she is the jealous type?


You might be thinking what is he on about things like that don’t happen in real life and certainly not in this day and age. Well you might be right in an ideal world (one that is slowly fading into obscurity) no it wouldn’t would it? Or maybe it just might be in the world where people are being matched as possible marriage partner with the help of science.

Yes that’s right! People are now relying on science to find compatible marriage partners. Two people who’ve never met before agree to tie the knot on their wedding day which happens to be the very first time they physically meet. A channel 4 programme follows these two peoples lives who’ve agreed to participate in this marriage program whereby they marry someone whom they’ve never meet in their lives and start their lives with, as married couples.

My last but very frightening question is, what if…. she’s a “HE”?