The clash of the Titans: Clinton vs Trump lessons learnt


Although I do not wish to be drawn into any political debate of any sort based on my neutral stance, one can not deny the fact that we are all influenced by what goes on around us and are greatly affected by the lessons we are either fortunate or forced to take away from it.


These lessons could either have a positive or a negative impact on us depending on factors in consideration, the types of orientation or stereotypes, religious upbringing our psychological intuitions we have and how we apply these ‘lessons’ in our personal circumstances.


Personally there is a lesson that we as men fail to learn in relation to arguing with our female counterparts be it your fleshly sister, your friend who happens to be a female, your biological, foster or adopted mother, your fiance, your live-in partner or that one you’re in Holy Matrimony with.


Now there might actually be a few justifiable reasons known only to ‘men’ as to why we fail to learn this valuable lesson that has since creation been a puzzle as this predicament and related consequences resulting from such failure to learn this lesson is not only applicable to modern day man.


When is the man going to learn that it is totally pointless and a waste of precious time to ‘argue’ with a female or try to make her see sense in whatever point no matter how valuable it may be? Even worse when they are ‘determined to not be the losing party.


Regardless of whether or not you may have experienced a bitter feud between a woman for example a divorce or child custody battle or a minor argument involving what colour of paint to use on the bathroom wall or about using the toilet and forgetting to put the sit back down you still owe the woman the respect of not being drawn into an argument.


If you MUST engage in any form of argument with a woman my only advice is that you make sure you’re squeaky clean character-wise, have a lot of fans most of which preferably should be women and try to neither have a ‘valid’ point you’re trying to make nor even try to justify it.

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