Who used the lost knife?

Own up, begin your ascent


By Olanrewaju AKINFENWA


This is an adaptation of a Yoruba adage that states nobody would own up that he was the one that made use of the knife before it got missing.


In our clime, that is always the first line of introduction to the concept of responsibility. However, as days turn into months, then years, accumulated experiences turned this truism into a seeming farce. Farce? No. It blurs the line and these accumulated experiences turn out to belong to others  and are taken over without deep thought, or perhaps without any thought. How sad!


Human experiences ought to be personal! Something which you have come to know through “going-through process”. This leads to assimilation of the kernels of situation by the core of man, the spirit. However, it is sad that human beings want to appropriate experiences of others as theirs without much ado. It is simply impossible.


Gradually this blurred lines leads to shirking of responsibilities. And even those who seems to believe they are responsible human beings have no PERSONAL experiences in this matter to call their own.


Let us take just an example, which we are all familiar with. In actual facts, they are two songs of two different classes of mankind – the haves and the haves not. You seem to have gotten the drift. The first song belonging to the vocal chord of the haves is “It shall be permanent, what the Lord has done, it shall be permanent”; the second perpetually owned by the haves not is “Do something new in my life, o Lord”


These two songs were first introduced to me by a friend, a senior, Festus Unuigbe who has just received Renewed Opportunity to ATONE. It was brought home yesterday night by another friend in his bid to help me understand another concept of Life.


Man do not like taking responsibility for his actions. Reflect on those songs again and it would become apparent that both the haves and the haves not put all accomplishments and blame at the Feet of The LORD, removing himself from all responsiblity for failure and success.


The Lord has put in place His Laws that take care of His Creation and creatures. Man only flips the switch with his volition and The Laws are activated in his favour or against him depending on the direction of his volition. The great things he wants to be permanent were the works of his hands that come to fruition under The Law and the man that needs something new in his life must activate The Laws to achieve his aim. Nobody can do it for him. There is no being somewhere that dictates fortune. You are responsible for whatever happens to you.


This Abd-ru-shin states in The Book, “In The Light of Truth The Grail Message”, “But every human being has reason to glorify and praise the Creator for the perfection that lies in the working of these three Laws. The human spirit is thereby unreservedly made the absolute master of its own fate! For its true volition, thus the genuine inner condition, must cause it either to rise or to sink”.


It is important for All of US to start having the RIGHT Knowledge that we can put a stop to our atonement and begin gradual ascent. To achieve this, you need to start reflecting on those values, words, concepts you hold dear and ensure they are not robbing you of your responsibility. It’s time you take charge of your life. Own up, you are the one that used the missing knife last.