Specialists say war in Aleppo, Syria is, “Worst since World War II”


A Unicef representative reports on the situation in Syria over phone to Finnish press, Iltasanomat comparing  situation to the “worst since the Second World War”. There is no place of safety or refuge in the war torn territories as the humanitarian crisis worsens.

The main focus is the situation in Aleppo, a town in Syria. Over 23,300 children have died in airstrikes and car bombings are now tearing the region apart in civil war, The situation is escalating for the worst.

Infrastructures, such as hospitals and schools are not sparred in the bombing saga. Innocent civilians living in poor conditions are being victimized by this terrible war with little or no chance for refuge.

The violence in Aleppo has spread over the whole town to all of Syria. Today, several demonstrations and concerts in a protest to stop the war in Syria were held in Finland. with the winter on its way in Syria there is urgent need for shelter, blankets and clothes for survivors.

In relation to this article, please consider helping the victims of Syria by donating to charity organizations, such as the church and the International Red Cross that both deliver moneytary aid to children in need of food and medicine to the areas attacked.

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