The defending champions showed incredible resilience to score 2 goals in a bid to make up for a series of bookable offences that saw 2 of its players seeing red

Chelsea’s woes started 16 minutes into the game When they were reduced to just 10 men with the sending off of Gary Cahill for a knee-high tackle.

Later on in the game Cesc Fabregas was shown a yellow card for an apparent sarcastic clapping gesture made at the officiating referee to express disapproval on a decision made which subsequently got him sent off after another booking.

Andreas Bødtker Christensen’s goal coupled with Alvaro Morata’s 69th minute and David Luis’ 88th minute goal would have salvaged a point against a determined Burnley F.C at the end of the day however it was disallowed as an offside goal.

On the other hand it was Burnley’s Stephen Robert Wards’ 2 goals and Samuel Michael Vokes that saved the day for the visiting team.


Final score: Chelsea 2 – Burnley F.C 3