A girl ascends red-carpeted stair and as she wanders, she repeats over and over,

‘Let tonight be silence kept, no battles fought or tears wept’ thus, to bed she goes.

Momentary silence ensues, her eyelids close, as heavy doors, upon a weary world.

Girl awakens with a ‘start’, hears the voices raised, the battle starts, silence is broken.

Not tonight, silence kept, but battles fought, tears wept, to listen, she goes.

Descends on red-carpeted stair, sits where she has oft-times sat, over and over,

Heartbeat pulsing in her neck, her breath held tight, her presence hidden.

Battle weary, tired and scared, anxious not to miss a crucial point of intervention.

The adrenaline coarses through her veins, pressure’s raised, pulsating, erratic rhythm.

The moment comes, sprinting to the battlefront, she pleads and makes her stand for peace.

On deafened ears the plea it falls and then a glancing blow, lands sharply, on her face.

She ascends with ‘blood red’ nose, up carpeted stair and as she wanders, repeats over and over,
‘Let tomorrow be silence kept, no battles fought or tears wept’ thus, to bed she goes.

Annie Read