I saw you from a distance and at that moment my life changed forever.

I couldn’t control it, you seeped into my heart, like the blood that flows through it,

keeping my very essence alive and breathing new life into my being.

If I’d imagined this feeling, I would have surely dismissed it as mere fantasy.

How could it be real, when it lives only in my minds ethereal imagination.

Conjure not with the complexity of its feeling, as it has no rationale.

We will dance together in the soft light of the evening, become entangled,

find rapturous harmony in our own life’s song and sing aloud its sweet melody.

We shall wake at dawn, to the suns dappled light, shining forth through the window,

its radiating heat, warming our bodies as we lie together with limbs outstretched.

We will lose all sense of self, no longer separate beings, but a melded amalgamation,

as sinuous tree roots, running deep beneath the earth, so our love shall be

and we will remain so, until our death or until the earth suffers its own annihilation.