Farewell My Friend

When I’m feeling low over you

Don’t know where to go or what to do

You will never know my trust was true

Farewell my friend


When somebody breaks every dream

Sometimes it’s as bad as it may seem

For so many years a winning team

Farewell my friend


I understand people change, and they need to rearrange

The things they do and how they live but how can I ever forgive




Please understand when I say I would like it some other way

But you will never know the pain I felt deep inside every day


Many years ago we were told

That together we would both grow old

That each other’s hand we’d always hold

But our love’s at an end



So I wish for you love and light

Dreams that do come true and sunshine bright

But remember too I say to you

Alas my old friend

It’s come to an end

Farewell my friend