Gentleman’s Excuse Me

I went to a party last Saturday night

Drinking whisky doubles all my troubles put right

Then I saw you moving your body around

Poetry astir you turned me upside down


Mentioned to the DJ I’d like a request

Something soft and gentle and I’d do the rest

Tried to catch your eye you were not looking my way

Took your arm instead and said what gentlemen say


I whispered hey excuse me do you want to dance

Could be the beginning of a wild romance

Turning down the light

Holding you so tight

Strangers in the night tonight


You were devastating I was kissing your lips

You communicating by gyrating your hips

Generating heat and all our senses alight

Your attack would beat any defence out of sight


Then when I’m believing the evening is mine

To another guy her body’s giving the sign

Tried to catch her eye she was not looking my way

As I said goodbye I heard this gentleman say


I go to a party every Saturday night

Drinking Southern Comfort thinking everything’s right

Then I see her moving that magical way

I can only say what only gentlemen say