Hold My Hand

Today I saw a man, his words changed my life

That man was a doctor, he said in a year I’ll be dead

Now I know just what it’s like, not to think anything

And though I may see the winter, I know I’ll never see Spring


Please won’t somebody come and take away my pain

Please won’t somebody understand

I’ll never see (be) the things I always said (thought) I’d see (be)

I need someone to hold my hand


Now the days are filled with tears, for life is beautiful

I thought I still had many years, to live, to breathe, I was a fool


Hold my hand, please take this all away

I cannot stand to leave you alone

Hold my hand it’s all gonna be ok

You’ll never be all on your own – all on your own


Though I know my days are few, I have learned what to do

To live and breathe each precious moment, and to love the world as I love you