Lady you are so beautiful, lady somehow I have it all

I love you more than you ever could know

Lady I love you so


Lady tell me what did I do, lady to make you love me too

I can’t sleep I can’t get you out of my head

Lady I’ve been awoken instead


Intoxicated with you, somehow the world is kinder

The sky is more blue

May our love thrive and survive

My dreams are all coming true, nothing seems impossible

Now that I am with you

And I feel so alive




Intoxicated by you, no-one has ever loved me the way that you do

Now my days are so fine

Wanna spend each moment with you for together we are one

Where we used to be two

I can’t believe you are mine

Lady take my hand from this day

Lady your hand in mine all the way

I love you, incredibly you love me too

Lady this song is for you, a song for us two, my medley, for you