Snow angel


Your head was cradled in my arms

I ran my fingers through your hair

The sweet caress the loneliness

the winter that I’d tried so hard to bear

I remember thinking how can this be

Such wonder such love should come to me

You knocked upon my door before the winter’s thaw

You overcame the cold to set me free


You are my snowangel you rearranged all the cold

And made me warm  Cloudless sunshine except for cloud nine

You know there’s no angel like my snowangel

You took me through the storm  With a love so fine


Now summer days are here the snow has gone

Ne life new birth and so it will go on

Dear friend you’ll never know how much I loved you in the snow

So I’m telling you I love you in a song

I held your hand as we walked by the sea

I wondered how such love had come to me

My lady of the dawn something precious has been born

A love that I just know was meant to be