Sweet Italian Girl


Sweet Italian girl there’s something I see in your smile

I cannot define or explain

Sweet Italian girl you’re making my day worthwhile

So make it for me once again, sweet Italian girl


Whenever the day might run away from me

And I need a friend it’s you I will see

My tower of strength and in a way it’s true

Italian friend I’m leaning on you


If you lose your way whenever it might be

You’ve only to say and you will see me

If you need a friend in any way to care

Italian friend I will be there


It may be pretence but anyway it seems

To make much more sense to follow my dreams

I’m closing my eyes and suddenly it’s you

Here by my side a dream that’s come true


Italian girl don’t run away from me

That look on your face you have to be free

Don’t ever forget whatever you may do

Italian friend I’m thinking of you