The Life They Choose


I look around me and I realise

People that surround me have pain in their eyes

There goes a man into that place to lose

Some money is this the life he’d choose


There is a boy he gets in a fight

There is a girl just waiting for the night

There is a drunk he’s just seen his team lose

How can this be the life they choose


I try to run away I know I ought to stay

But I can’t stand this poverty of mind

I look another way seems the world has gone astray

We don’t know where to look ourselves to find


Must I pretend these things just don’t exist

How can it be so much of life they’ve missed

I sit and watch there’s nothing I can do

But hope that we will make it through


And millions every day cry tears along the way

In despair they seek somebody kind

Their lives so tired and weak their days so sad and bleak

This human race leave many far behind


I had a dream of flowers in the sun

Beautiful renewal of life that had been done

We can think about the others or we can refuse

But how can this be the life they choose