Wildest Dreams


I was falling when I went to bed  

There was somethinmessin’ with my head

Sometimes life is just not what it seems

Out of sorts, crazy thoughts, wildest dreams


Smoked a ciggie while drivin’ in my car

In the library I lit a fat cigar

Funny thing I quit smokin’ years ago

Would you think that is somethin’ I should know



Wildest dreams, are they connected to the brain

Wildest dreams, methinks I might just be insane

Wildest dreams, I wanna know what’s goin’ on

And it seems that nothin’ ever will be weird

In these dreams, the A380 that I steered

Wildest dreams, where anythinrational’s long since gone


I was smilin’ as I kissed your lips

Hand in hand we shared our fish and chips

Pouring rain, the sun was shinin’ too

Will I wake before I tell you I love you


I was laughin’ when I realised

Wasn’t dreamin’ as I looked into your eyes

Sometimes life is just not what it seems

Winning you was way beyond my wildest dreams


Repeat Chorus to end