Wings Of Creation

I cannot begin to remember the millions of times that I’ve tried

To search for some sort of solution, to life, this incredible ride

Somehow it remains like a mystery, refusing the questioning mind

But nature itself has a history of leaving its offspring behind


I travel the well-trodden pathway of those who have been here before

I walk in the hills and the valleys, I fly and I fall to the floor

But this is the road I am treading, it rises and falls every day

There’s highs and there’s lows where I’m heading, it’s life, I’m alive all the way




I cannot begin comprehending the magic in front of my eyes

The sun setting over the ocean, the beautiful airplane that flies

The mountains that fill me with wonder the gentle meandering stream

The storm and its lightning and thunder sometimes it all feels like a dream


I gaze at the waves on the ocean, my spirit soars high in the sky

Yet days stir in me mixed emotion, so many in pain asking why

We fly on the wings of creation, we live and we breathe, we survive

And sometimes I smile in elation, what a feeling to just be alive