I Like Cappuccino

I like cappuccino and fish fresh from the sea

Chips from the casino I’ll wager won’t be free

Vinegar tartare sauce tomato ketchup of course

I like cappuccino fixes it for me


I like Dolly Polly the maiden of my dreams

Wow! Bet you by golly a tale of two extremes

Mr B Sweet Marie calling Memphis Tennessee

I love Dolly Polly pretty lady of my dreams


Juicy Lucy Angie too, Karen Sharon Charlie’s too

Hayley Bailey Kerry C fancy Nancy Kimberley

Crazy Maisie Mrs Hughes Diane with the racing news

Jamie and Naomi in their racy lady blues


L love Laura Aikman when she’s on the job – lot

Pretty as a picture the lot she really has – got

Natalie fantasy she really is my cup of tea

Laura it’s amora dear lady you are red – hot


Love Rebecca Romney she leaves the rest behind

Though she lives far from me her smile lives in my mind

Amy Lewis Natalie Kirsty Rachel Queen Hayley

Please have me on Sky TV if you would be so kind


Sarah Stirk and Kristin Stew my dear Watson Emma too

Genie Bouchard Genevieve gorgeous girls I do believe

Beautiful Camilla Long and Lady Mary bangs my gong

Nina and Christina number 99 in song


I like Penny Snowball what a fantastic name

I know she will go global attracting worldwide fame

Jess Alba and foxy Faye beautiful Lana del Ray

Pretty Pink Alisha now Moore, will play the game