OMG Bethany

Ice cold days at the trading post – keeping warm with some tea and toast

Let me say what I loved most – OMG Bethany


I would travel the extra mile – just to see your fantastic smile

Makes my day seem so worthwhile – OMG Bethany


Da da da da Beth I just wanted to say, da, da, da, da thank you for coming my way


Every time I see you my heart misses a beat – makes me dizzy inside

Even fantasise that we were destined to meet, that our worlds were meant to collide


Chocolate drink with a biscuit too – Beth, methinks without more ado

You are beautiful it’s true – OMG Bethany


Beth it’s just serendipity – girls your smile means a lot to me

Yummy scrummy so pretty

OMG Bethany

OMG Bethany

OMG Bethany