I have spent most of my life studying and pursuing a concept called prosperity.  The difference between prosperity and wealth is an important distinction.  True prosperity, both for an individual and a nation is not just possessing a healthy bank account.  It is also the presence of a healthy mind and spirit.  Without these, no amount of money can be considered true prosperity.    The one inescapable truth about the pursuit and attainment of prosperity is that it must involve the participation of other people.  I don’t just mean customers or investors.  I mean that unless we learn to work together and start truly caring about each other, we will continue to struggle along as we have been, with most of the financial rewards flowing to the already wealthy in our country.    We have watched in horror as so many of our fellow citizens commit unspeakable acts of violence, towards themselves and others.  As this epidemic grows, it reveals a deep underlying problem that we have developed over the last few decades.  We have grown closer in proximity but farther in closeness.  As we are physically closer together, we are more distant from each other on an emotional level.  People have become so engrossed in their own daily lives, they have separated themselves from their neighbors and communities in a way never seen before in our society.    I think this new normal climate of separation is directly linked both to our rising levels of violence due to untreated mental health issues and our failure to have financial prosperity spread into the working class as it should in the richest country in the world.  Human beings are social creatures.  We are made to peacefully co-exist with each other.  

The health of our minds and souls depend on regular contact and interaction with each other.  When we talk and gather, we bond and become emotionally attached and involved with each other.  When we do this, it makes it easier to trust and to conduct business together.  When we see each other as fellow humans and not just customers, we treat each other better.    In order to move forward towards a more prosperous and peaceful society, we all need to take steps to help our emotional closeness match our proximity to each other.  Check on that neighbor you haven’t talked to in a while, see how they are doing.  Offer to help that single mother however you are able.  Reach out to that veteran who returned from a war zone, see how they are adjusting to civilian life and offer what help you can.  If you truly wish to have a more prosperous life for yourself, you must begin by doing your part to make our communities and our country more prosperous also.  We begin by helping each other feel more included and more loved and more connected.  Once we achieve this, the financial aspect of prosperity is sure to follow as surely as night follows day.  Thank You.