Peter Klessa Ramazani
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How did you get into writing?

About 20 years ago I had an idea about a Novel, telling the story of the German engineer Rudi Eichner. In May 1978, he is sent to Egypt. A Global Contract pilot is to fly him from there to a construction site in the south of Tunisia. But it does not turn out like he imagined. He will never reach his destination in Tozeur at Chott el Djerid. Instead, he becomes involved in adventurous, somewhat political events and white slave trade. 
I have never been the “Typewriter Type”. So, first about 5 years ago I started to write the whole story down, with the help of computer programs.

Besides books do you write anything else?

Well, in November 2017, when I was Global Ambassador for Public Security & Peace for The FAAVM in Canada, representing 5 Million Minorities, I published an Open Letter to the North Korean President Kim Jong Un, while the US & North Korea were on the brinck to a Nuclear War. I know that influencial contacts have helped me to share the Letter with their contacts all the way to North Korea.Coincident or not, but 3 months later the North Korean President made a 180 degreese turn towards peace an a unified Korea.

what kind of books do you write?

I wrote the Novel “Blood Red Palms”

The educational book “Reflexology for Everyone – A Selfie Guide”

The educational book “The Great Book of Reflexology”

The educational book “How to massage Your Partner”

The educational book  “My best Massage”

The book of knowledge “Did You know?”

The photo book of knowledge “The happiest People in the World – The Danes”

The Photoguiode “A Walk through Copenhagen”

The Photoguide Series “My Impressions of Italy”

The History Book “Book of Terror – 2000 Years of Terrorism

The important & helpful guide “How to avoid Terrorism”

I also edited & published a Book for the Italian Poet Ferruccio “Lacrime della mia Vita”

You can find some of my books in English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish & Dutch

 What inspired you to write?

I always wanted to write a novel and when I had published the book, I got the idea of writing photo guides about Denmark. Later I wanted to visit Italy in order to make photo guides about the country. Ideas coming up once in a while.

Would you say the art of writing is therapeutic or escapism?

Escapism could be the reason for some writers, but mostly for readers.  Writing is a very good therapy as well. It depends on what you are writing, fiction or nonfiction.

Tell us about your book – how to avoid terrorism>?

In the 1970s I worked for several years in the German Air Force and, among others, with the Special Air Mission Wing of the Federal Ministry of Defense in Bonn. At that time, I had the highest security clearance. The 1970s were also very much influenced by terrorist activity, caused by the PLO, RAF and Brigate Rosse.

In recent years I have been very much concerned about public security. So, I started to study terrorist attacks, background and methods.

From 2012 until 2017 there have been 115000 terrorist attacks with more than 184000 civil victims. Did you know that?

With all my experiences on VIP security, I can now give the best tips and advice on how to avoid an increased risk of terrorist attacks.

A Director of the UN has recommended the book after having read it.

My little book will give you some tips on how to deal with airports, restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, music festivals, beaches, train stations, cruise ships & ferries, and other means of transport.

Here is some of the Content of the book:

-First some general precautions



-Tourist attractions


-Train stations and Metro stations


-Music festivals or other events

-Parks and other green spaces

-Cruise ships and ferries

-Shopping malls

-A list of known Terrorist Groups

-Various methods that terrorists have used in recent years in different countries. Taken from my history book “Book of Terror”.

-The future of religious fanatics and extreme right-wing groups.

-Facts about some terrorist groups.

-Current threat level according to this Author.

-Worldwide Emergency Phone Numbers

-Important words in different languages

-Recommendations from the author

I want to make this book, which is one of a kind, known worldwide, because it can save lives.

What makes your writing stand out from the crowd?

I want to write books that can be useful to readers who want to relax with my novel, or see Denmark & Italy, who want to learn Swedisch Massage who want to expand their knowledge and who want to avoid terrorism.

What is the biggest challenge in writing – for you?

The biggest challenge is the startup. Once I have started I can go on and on. Also advertising a book is not cheap. I have to unse social media in order to make a book known. That can be a challenge.A

Where do you like to write?

I have always a notebook and pen with me, so I can write it down when an idea comes to mind. That can be in a caffee, a train or at home.

 What do you do when you are not writing – do you have a day job?

When I started writing books, I made texts and translations for Denmark’s largest holiday home rental company Sol & Strand. The last 2 years I have been retired.

Do you work with an outline or just write?

Well, I have an idea about how to create a photo guide or an educational book. Otherwise there would be no order. It’s like having a talk. There must be an introduction, a main text and a conclusion. Otherwise people quickly lose interest.

 What advice would you have for other writers?

Everyon has a story to tell. Write it down on your computer or smartphone. Every day a little bit. Try to fill about 100 book pages or more. It’s easy to publish on Amazon and it’s free. Other publishing sites like Barns & Nobles are also recommendable. Ask somebody who has some experiance to help you with grammar, bookstyle and more.

How important is marketing and social media for you?

It is essential. You have to do research online to find methods and websites that provide the best advertising for minimum expenses. It is also good to ask someone you know if they know anyone with experience.

For me Facebook & Twitter are the best. On Twitter, there are good opportunities to meet someone who can help.

 What’s your next step?

I consider translating “How to avoid Terrorism” into Danish. There are a number of cafes who are interested in me reading my books. It is also a good way to advertise a book.

Otherwise, after a number of publications I will work on advertising my books.

How can we find you on social media

My maine platform is Twitter. You are welcome to follow me on

Under my Author name Peter Klessa Ramazani you can find my books on ALL Amazon Sites

Do you have a website?

A had a website once, but it didn’t attract many people. Too much work for nothing. Well, it didn’t work for me.

what is your greatest fear

Not being able to write and publish books anymore. Not having at least one Bestseller in my lifetime.

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