Yes, i mean it. Now I know you might be wondering, why the heck would anyone say that, wish such a thing upon anybody, let alone themselves.

It may sound crazy, but there are times when I really enjoy observing narcissistic behaviour… for example when I watch a movie or a television series!

Because let’s face it, it is often those cunning and manipulative characters who make a series interesting.

The insufferable bad guys who strangely enough make sure you don’t want to miss an episode.

Take for example Cersei from the Game of Thrones or Francis Underwood from House of Cards.

Characters that commit the most  atrocious acts, but also makes for an interesting view and you can observe from a safe distance.

And if it becomes too much, emotionally, to handle you always have the option of simply switching off the television.

However, if you find this article, a captivating read, chances are that you are currently dealing with a narcissist who you cannot just turn off.

An intimidating person who isn’t a fictional character that only exists on the tv screen, but one you regularly have to contend with from time to time.

These are the people who can turn your life into a real-life horror movie, even if you  would rather watch romantic movies and comedies.

A life with someone of narcissistic tendencies is a life full of drama, stress and a great deal of uncertainties.

It is that cunning character that keeps returning, no matter how much you would like to ban him or her from your life.

Yet there is also a way in which your story can get a happy ending.

You may not know this about me yet …

But I used to be the victim of an unscrupulous narcissist myself.

I still remember it like yesterday. We broke up. I will not tell the reason now (that is something for another time).

But it happened …

When I finally wanted to put an end to it, I was threatened. Suddenly my world was completely turned upside down.

I decided to make an important choice. A choice that changed my life forever.

are you dealing with a narcissist in your life?

You are probably walking around with a number of questions or you may be in a hopeless situation and you could use some help.

In that case it is important that you read through this collumn.

It is quite a shock when you think you are the victim of a narcissist.

You feel you are on your own and you probably dare not discuss it with anyone.

You know that something is wrong but you cannot place it properly …

You have become entangled in a web of lies and deceit …

I know better than anyone what pain you feel, because I have experienced it myself.

Have you tried to change the hopeless situation, but have no idea how to proceed? Chances are that you have a narcissist in your life.

You probably feel powerless, worthless and broken inside.

These emotional wounds may not be visible at first glance, but they can be as painful as physical injuries.

Narcissistic family members, partners or colleagues can make your life a living hell.

But luckily you are not alone and there are several things you can do to protect yourself. You have probably never heard of most tips and techniques.

I have created a unique program, especially for victims of narcissistic abuse, that makes the difference between a happy life full of confidence and a life of doubt, uncertainty and fear.

You can stay in the current situation and be unhappy, or you can choose to break free permanently.

Would you like to know how?

Follow me here on Pat’s Corner in my next article as I discuss in detail step by step, on how to recognise and protect yourself from Narcissists traits.

for now … have yourself a nice weekend!