Having seen Jo Brand for the first time on ‘Live at the Apollo’ when she made a joke about walking past a house with the doors open and a pie left out on the table and being tempted to walk in and take a bite, I counted myself as a fan.

In light of recent remarks on her BBC radio show about acid, milkshake and Nigel Farage a British Politician I thought “dear me” but I was more concerned however about emerging reports of the police getting involved.

One could be forgiven for wondering how and what the lines of interrogation would be. And here are some possible scenarios along the possible lines of questioning I’ve concocted.

Have you ever been in trouble with the police? 

What is your relationship with the subject matter (for clarification purposes the subject matter being MR. Farage)

Do you have any information of a plausible threat of acid attack on Mr. Farage?

Have you any affiliation with known terrorists group?

Do you like broccoli? 

Are you a member of an opposition group to which Mr. Farage is currently associated with?

Do you’ve acid inside your car battery?

Would you say the acid inside your car battery is of a corrosive and harmful nature such as could be used in an attack against Mr. Farage?

Are you in love, have a crush or infatuated with Mr. Farage?

No further questions for now.