by Deanna Maria R.

Climate change awareness and efforts have gone global in recent years due to the internet and social media. It is no longer just unknown people or small local efforts that have messages to get across but also celebrities from across the globe. One such influential person is Hungarian rapper Áron Molnár. ‘Can you feel the emergency’, title of the video as well as the message depicted throughout the video.

He incorporates the youth of Hungary to accentuate the message of climate change and how it effects the children of the present as well as those of the future.

From the very beginning of the video, the influential rapper not only tells you through words but also shows you through images, how serious he believes the issue is and will become if greater efforts are not taken seriously about climate change. One example of message through imagery is that of masks and hands over mouths depicting issues and concerns over air quality. He further states, later in the video, that all issues concerning climate change will not improve if people full of greed or doubt do not drop their egos and listen to scientists and experts on the matter.

Child climate change activist Greta Thunberg is mentioned by name in the video to show how strongly this rapper feels climate change issues are. This era’s climate change influencers are no longer just local unknowns from someone’s hometown anymore. The internet and social media are lending a voice to anyone with a climate change message including those in the music industry.