by Deanna Maria R.

Good Morning Europe host declares that more expatriates or those living throughout the EU are participating in voter registration for this particular election deemed the ‘Brexit Election’. A surge of 40,000 expatriates have registered to vote combined with the already 300,000 registered, brings the questions to mind of, ‘why now and what will the impact be?’  To help answer these questions, the Good Morning Europe host turns to a Reader in Sociology from Goldsmith College, Dr. Michaela Benson, to shed some light on the surge of voter registrations.

Dr. Benson surmises that a possible reason for the sudden surge in this election, is due to those British citizens living in the EU finding themselves disenfranchised. Although, only one of the many reasons described by Dr. Benson, it remains among one of the most important reasons. If all of the estimated 1.2 million British citizens that live throughout the EU were to vote, the vote could possibly swing their way due to their enormity, larger than all other constituency in the UK.

Due to the fact that many of the 1.2 million EU British are disenfranchised still (disenfranchisement happens after 15 years), all of them will not be registered to vote.  The fact that many found themselves disenfranchised prior to the referendum, which impacted expats greatly, was such a great concern, that more expats are registering especially through online voter registration. Other British citizens are encouraging people to vote by proxy instead of by postal vote due to the issues in 2017 and during the referendum.

US President Donald Trump is on a visit to the United Kingdom ahead of the election. He claims he can “work with anybody” when quizzed on whether he can work with anybody or not. He also added “I’ll stay out of it” when quizzed about interference.