A well-known film festival in support of the artists

by Deanna Maria R.

Actress Frances McDormand, in a dramatic fashion, declares the 10th annual Lumière film festival opened. Celebrating the history of films, from classic to contemporary, this film festival attracts many prestigious guests, but its true focus is on the people and artists. A history film festival for the people, is why the people involved in the creation of the film festival, big movie lovers themselves, knew how important bringing the artists forward was and therefore the celebrated artists are always invited.

Most well-known artists, to be celebrated per the film festival, would however, rather talk about other’s works than their own, a refreshing tidbit for movie lovers. Donald Sutherland, present at the 10th annual Lumiere film festival, is one such actor. He is an actor whose career has spanned half a century, a gregarious and generous commentator towards other’s works. Sutherland, being humorous, stating the film festival was fabulous in English didn’t have the same ‘je ne sais quoi’ as said in French.

Many veteran actresses/actors were present to celebrate, endorse and present such films as the Coen brother film Fargo. Where other artists present, wanted the younger generation to know about film rather than just digital. A Canadian film director felt that although they were within the movie industry, the Lumiere film festival had an atmosphere of intimacy between the people and film with no competition. The main reason for this long-lasting film festival that celebrates films and artists from all cultures is to watch and enjoy films from history as well as those made today.